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  • In & Out

    In & out furniture company has a rich history of providing beautiful , comfortable home furnishings and the highest service for its customers

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  • Ashley

    Ashley Furniture has become the No. 1 selling furniture brand in the world and the No. 1 retailer of furniture and bedding.

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  • Alfemo

    Our main target has always been to produce practical and high quality furniture that is not only original and different, but also most durable. 

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  • Kabbani Furniture

    Founded Kabbani furniture and furnishings / started its business in the field of import, export and manufacture of furniture and furnishings , kitchens, curtains , and the interest of the company to provide the highest level of service has in collaboration with the largest local companies by opening outlets have within the company , including
    Oriental Weavers Company specialized and leading carpet industry
    The Comfort Company specialized and leading furniture industry
    The Smart specialized and leading furniture manufacturing
    The company Kandil Egypt specialized and leading industry Najaf..

    And adopted the after-sales service and the creation of a special relationship with its customers , whether they are dealers or consumers one of the most basic rules of the continued success where it became one of the most specialized companies and thankfully.


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  • Oriental Weavers

    After 30 years of continuous success, improvement and market dominance, we proudly became the NO.1 Carpet and rug manufacturer in the world.

    Oriental Weavers is one of the most recognized brands in the machine woven rug and carpet industry today

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